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7 reasons to take collagen if you want to be healthy

16 January 2020
7 reasons to take collagen if you want to be healthy

As you already know, the richest protein in our body is collagen. It is found in our muscles, joints, tendons, hair, skin and nails. To be even more specific, collagen is the "glue" that holds our body whole and firm.  If you want more detailed information on the benefits of collagen, the nature, types, sources and functions of collagen, you can find it in our articles.


Today we would like to focus your attention on the ways in which collagen actually works. Collagen strengthens our body to such an extent that you are in excellent health and you feel toned, full of energy and strength.


Why is it so important? The answer is extremely simple - we live in a busy everyday life. Our schedule is permanently loaded and our tasks are constantly growing. In order to be able to cope in the best possible way in the hectic life, so that we can be as productive and successful as possible - we must feel great! Our health needs to be perfect! So here comes collagen with its main benefits:



Collagen takes care for the health of our hair and skin


Imagine the body as a machine that ages and is depreciated with every passing second. As age grows, collagen production drops significantly! This happens even as you read this article! The physical signs that you can recognize are sagging skin and the appearance of more wrinkles. A lack in skin elasticity is another feature that speaks of the presence of a similar problem. By increasing collagen levels, you will help your skin look tighter and smooth. This will also help normalize processes  of skin recovery (or so-called regeneration). Taking natural marine collagen is a great way to counteract the appearance of the first skin wrinkles. See more about the benefits of marine collagen »



Collagen protects against joint pain


Have you heard the expression "my legs are stiff"? We assume you are surely more than once. What does this mean? Collagen loss! This result occurs when we lose collagen. Then our tendons and joints begin to move more and more difficult, resulting in stiffness and swollen joints. Increasing collagen intake at this point could be compared with the lubrication of a squeaky hinge on the door: your joints will start to move more easily, and the pain in the joints will greatly decrease until at some point it  will completely disappear! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to move freely - without pain? The human organism is designed to move, not to be in a static state. When the movement creates discomfort - life becomes not an adventure but an agony!



Collagen contributes to the good functioning of our digestive system


Are you aware of permeable bowel syndrome? If you suffer from it, bad toxins are able to pass through the digestive tract quite freely. Collagen can be incredibly useful to you. It will help break down the proteins, soothe the lining of the intestine, strengthen damaged cell walls and fill them with curative amino acids. It will also help to absorb water, thus preserving free movement in the digestive tract. When our digestive system is working properly, the body assimilates all the accepted macronutrients qualitatively and thus provides the body with the energy needed to function at full speed.



Collagen increases metabolism and energy


Metabolism means exchange of substances or  the time for which the body turns the adopted macronutrients into energy. We suppose it will not be a surprise to you that with age, metabolism slows down considerably. This inevitably leads to an increase in body weight and also to incomplete absorption of the nutrients taken up. With increasing collagen levels, you can speed up your metabolism. Glycine, which is found in collagen, helps to pump sugar into the tissues of the body to increase energy levels. It is also very important for muscle development - they burn significantly more calories than fat.



Collagen gives you healthy nails and teeth


We are referring to ladies because manicure is especially important to them. Overall, this is a problem that can occur with every person regardless of gender, of course. What is the reason and what is due? Again, we can point out the lack of collagen as a root cause. Collagen protein is a building block of nails, and also of teeth! Adding collagen to your diet helps keep your nails strong and your teeth healthy!



Detoxification is greatly facilitated by the administration of collagen


 Collagen is particularly suitable for detox (cleansing of the body from slags and toxins). The purpose of such a process is to facilitate the function of the body and improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails. Last but not least, detoxification helps to reduce body weight. Glycine is the major constituent of collagen, which has a beneficial effect on this process of purification. Its action is mainly concentrated on the liver and its function. One of the easiest ways to clear the liver is by taking bone broth. Three day detoxification with bone broth is more than recommended for the purpose of - rapid recovery of the permeable bowel. This will help the body get rid of chemicals and "restart" your gut. If the bone broth is not an attractive solution, you can make a detox program with fruit and vegetable juices to which you can add 1 dose of collagen. Keep in mind that it is advisable to orient yourself in taking citrus because they are richest in vitamin C. From vegetables, emphasize green leafy vegetables because their antioxidant content is many times higher than in other vegetables ( zucchini, spinach, cucumber are more than the ideal choice for this purpose)



Taking collagen reduces cellulite and stretch marks


 Do you remember our articles on cellulite and stretch marks? When the skin loses its elasticity due to a decrease in collagen - cellulite appears! Then the skin is thinner and cellulite becomes more noticeable - nothing of what happens under the surface (i.e. in the deeper layers of the skin) can not be concealed. Taking collagen will make your skin elastic, and given the fact that it cleanses the body from harmful toxins and fatty deposits, cellulite will surely decrease and may disappear altogether (as long as they are elated and balanced). With regard to stretch marks, you would hardly be able to  remove those already appearing. The reason is the rupture of the connective tissue. What will surely happen if you take collagen is to prevent the appearance of new scars!


Seven Benefits Of Collagen! Seven ways to improve your health and be more beautiful! Seven solutions to make your life better, more fulfilling and happy!

Did you know that there are three main types of collagen in the body: Collagen type 1 and 3 and Collagen type 2? Over 75% of collagen in the body is collagen type 1 and 3, which builds connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments.

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