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The difference between collagen type 1 & 3 and collagen type 2

16 January 2020
The difference between collagen type 1 & 3 and collagen type 2

Did you know that there are three main types of collagen in the body: Collagen type 1 and 3 and Collagen type 2?


Over 75% of collagen in the body is collagen type 1 and 3, which builds connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. 


Type 1 collagen is contained in the skin, hair, nails, tendons, blood vessels and internal organs. 55% of body collagen is type 1.


Type 2 collagen is contained mainly in the articular cartilage. The collagen type 2 content in articular cartilage is 85-90% and over 50-55% in the joints.


Type 3 collagen is the main component of the skin, lungs and blood vessel walls, which is commonly associated with type 1 collagen.


The difference between collagen type 1 & 3 and collagen type 2:


Scientific studies have shown that more than 75% of collagen in the body is collagen type 1 and 3. It consists of nineteen amino acids that are responsible for the development and maintenance of the body. Its composition includes glycine, proline and hydroxyproline - very important amino acids for skin and muscle health.


Type 2 collagen consists of eighteen of the most important amino acids that build up the joint cartilage and improve its function. Collagen type 1 and 3 and collagen type 2 should not be taken together because they have different amino acids. If taken together, the amino acids bind together in one complete protein, and so the body can not recognize it as collagen. It is recommended if you want to take both types of collagen, this should be at least one hour apart from the one accepted from one type to the other. Collagen type 1 and 3 contain nineteen of the most important amino acids needed to grow and maintain a healthy body. Collagen is a rich source of glycine, an essential amino acid for muscle growth. It also contains high levels of hydroxyproline and hydroxylisine. These two amino acids are not common in other products containing amino acids, but are extremely important for the production of collagen from the body. The whole surface under our skin consists of connective tissue. When the amount of collagen in it decreases it is shown on our body, wrinkles appear.


Collagen types 1 and 3 are derived from the dermis (skin) of young calves - the best source of collagen. 


Collagen produces fibroblast cells in the dermis. It has a triple spiral structure consisting of three amino acid chains. It is responsible for the physical properties of the skin and is the main structural component of the skin, hair, nails, joints and even teeth. Over the years, collagen fibers have hardened and bind together, so the skin becomes less elastic.



Type 1 & 3 collagen


Collagen is a complex structural protein that builds the collagen fibers of hair, skin, nails, tendons, muscles, bones, cartilage and joints. In other words, collagen is the main protein, which accounts for over 75% of the connective tissue in the body. Unfortunately, after 25 years of age, the body reduces collagen production by 1.5% per year, and when it reaches 40, collagen in the body decreases by 25% and at 60 years the body loses 50% of its collagen. Therefore, it must be taken extra! The skin begins to thin and the first wrinkles appear. The first signs of aging appear.


Super Collagen + C is enzymatically processed in amino acid form with very low molecular weight only (2000 daltons) and is digested in 100% of the body. Super Collagen + C is clinically tested and helps smooth out wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity and hydration, removes cellulite and acne, and also strengthens hair and nails.  Super Collagen + C is Type I and III, which is naturally found in the body and is 100% natural. It contains a unique amino acid complex of 19 of the most important amino acids, such as lisine; proline; hydroxylisine and hydroxyproline, which stimulate the production of new collagen fibers in the body. Super Collagen + C reduces the depth of wrinkles by 26%, increases skin hydration by 50%, reduces pores by 35% and increases skin elasticity by 19%.


Super Collagen + C contains Vitamin C, which is essential for the absorption of collagen in the body.




  • 100% pure bioactive bovine collagen type I and III
  • Maintains the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Keeps moisture in the skin.
  • Builds and supports the bone matrix.
  • Reduces hair loss.
  • Strengthens hair and nails.
  • For healthier joints and tendons.
  • Helps control weight.
  • It provides a building block for the growth and maintenance of a healthy body.
  • Delays aging processes in the body.
  • 100% absorption.




Хидролизиран Колаген тип 1 и 3






Type 2 collagen


Type 2 collagen is the major component of articular cartilage. The collagen type 2 content in articular cartilage ranges from 85% to 90%. Contains mucopolysaccharides (carbohydrates) naturally present in the body. Mucopolysaccharides contain 15-17% glucosamine, chondroitin 14-16% and hyaluronic acid 16-17%. They are the main component of synovial tissue and contain 18 types of amino acids necessary for the synthesis of collagen in the body. The ratio and molecular weight of each amino acid is different from that of collagen type 1 and 3. Additionally, type 2 collagen has a low content of hydroxyproline and hydroxylisine. The main activity of type 2 collagen is to build and maintain cartilage tissue.


Osteoarthritis is a wear on cartilaginous tissue. As the age increases, the body's ability to produce type 2 collagen decreases and it must be taken extra. Type 2 collagen is required to support articular cartilage and joints.


NeoCell collagen type 2 is derived from chicken breast. It is the purest collagen that contains natural hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin. The four active ingredients that make up the joint cartilage and joints. It also contains bosvels; msm; turmeric and resveratrol.


Bioactive Collagen Type II Move Matrix provides everything you need for cartilage, its health and endurance. It is high in protein. It contains important amino acids that are needed to build type II collagen. Bioactive collagen is a natural component that helps maintain bone, connective tissue, articular cartilage, skeletal muscles, and more. It is characterized by an extremely high degree of bioavailability, which means it is completely absorbed by the body.


Bioactive Collagen type II Move Matrix contains 100% pure type II collagen. Laboratory tested for natural collagen type II content as well as hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin, msm; Bosvela; Curcuma and Resveratrol, which are key components for building and maintaining a healthy joint function.Bioactive Collagen type II Move Matrix nourishes the joints with the richest and most important building blocks to maintain their strength and strength.



Glucosamine is an amino monosaccharide. Glucosamine is the builder of keratin and hyaluronic acid. It is natural substances for the human body and its highest concentrations are concentrated in the cartilage and joints.


  • glucosamine helps heal wounds on the skin.
  • slows down the loss of the cartilage of the joint surfaces - the effect has been observed in a number of studies.
  • at this stage there is strong evidence that glucosamine helps to reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • reduces pain in strength training in the condition of osteoarthritis.
  • reduces joint pain in osteoarthritis. An interesting fact is that a more significant effect is noted in subjects with more severe pain.
  • also serves as a building material for cartilaginous tissue.



MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural, organically bound sulfur that is involved in many functions in the body. After oxygen, water and salt, sulfur is the fourth most needed element in human and animal food. It is involved in almost all metabolic processes in the body and is essential for the regeneration and nutrition of healthy cells. It is nontoxic and is contained in all fluids and tissues of the human body. Strengthens joints and cartilage, reduces inflammation and pain. It restores muscles, reduces muscle spasms and conception. Increases energy and concentration. It relieves heartburn and stomach discomfort. Antiparasitic and antifungal effect. Accelerates wound healing and reduces scars, smooths wrinkles. It detoxifies the body and improves blood circulation. Against allergies, skin problems, arthritis and high blood sugar.



Chondroitin sulfate is one of the major elements of articular cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate consists of repetitive chain molecules called mucopolysaccharides. It is one of the most important components of connective tissue (tendons and joints). Classified as a type of glucosaminoglycan, chondroitin sulphate is rich in sulfur and is related to glucosamine. Nourishes and lubricates the joints. Reduces symptoms and speeds up recovery for joint problems. Against skin problems and narrowing of the blood vessels.



Hyaluronic acid is present naturally in almost all tissues of the human body as one of the most hydrophilic molecules, which is rightly called "natural moisturizer". Hyaluronic acid gives skin and joints the cooling moisture they need. It is a carbohydrate (mucopolysaccharide) that is found naturally in all cells of the human body, with the highest concentration in synovial fluid and connective tissue. A particularly high percentage of hyaluronic acid is found in cartilage and bone, and it protects the joint cartilage from lesions, maintains the elasticity and plasticity of tissues. Also, hyaluronic acid allows the physiological functions and elastic properties of the joints affected by the arthrosis to recover. Relieves pains and facilitates movement in the affected joint.



Boswellia is a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory without any negative side effects. The bark extract of the Boswellia serrata tree helps to protect the cartilage from destruction. Powerful natural anti-inflammator. Helps mechanical properties and durability of the joints, helps to protect the cartilage and connective tissue. Relieves symptoms in arthritic conditions.



Curcuma is known for its ability to relieve pain in osteoarthritis and rheumatism. In addition, the antioxidant properties of turmeric is due to its ability to destroy free radicals in the body. Cellular oxidation leads to damage at the cellular level. It has been shown that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers who consume curcuma regularly or take tablets with it find relief from joint pain (from moderate to mild) as well as inflammation of the joints.



Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from the effects of free radicals and increases blood circulation. It is a 20 times stronger antioxidant than Vitamin C and 50 times Vitamin E. It has a positive effect on the health of the heart and blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis. Slows the aging process. Increases energy production in cells. It suppresses inflammation in the walls of the blood vessels and also prevents platelet aggregation, thus playing an important role in the prevention of a heart attack and / or stroke. Resveratrol stops the growth of malignant / tumor cells and thus prevents the spread of malignant disease. It lowers cholesterol levels and normalizes blood pressure. It has antiviral properties.

As you already know, the richest protein in our body is collagen. It is found in our muscles, joints, tendons, hair, skin and nails.

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